Questions you should be asking


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When you are hiring a seal coating company ask these simple but IMPORTANT questions to be sure you are getting a quality product and a job done right

How do they apply the sealer to your driveway?    Answer: Sealer should be applied by broom or squeegee unless it is a large driveway then they may spray it in certain areas. Spraying should be done only in larger areas otherwise you may have a mess to clean up when they are done.

How much sand do they use in the sealer?   Answer: They should use a minimum of 1-3 pounds per gallon for residential driveways and 3-6 pounds per gallon for commercial parking lots. This does not only add traction but also greatly extends the life of the sealer giving you better long term results.

How much water is added to the sealer? Answer: Usually 30-40% (manufacturer recommendations should be followed) anything over that is considered diluting the sealer and you start loosing quality fast. Our manufacturers never recommend more than the 40%. The 30-40% water is added so the sealer is the correct consistency to spread out evenly on the driveway.

How do they mix the sealer before applying it to your driveway? Answer: They should have a way to properly mix the sealer and sand during application. We use a large round tank on the truck that has paddles inside (like a paddle boat) that can be rotated to mix the sealer/sand. If the sealer/sand can not be mixed properly for application, you now have a loss in quality. Keep in mind if they cant mix it, they’re probably not adding it.

Will they come to your home or business to complete the quote or will they use something like google maps and email to quote you? Answer: They should be willing to meet with you and have a first hand look at your driveway. If they don’t then they could miss something important and not do the quality of work your expecting. We always like meeting with you if possible and see the driveway first hand then we can discuss with you any concerns you may have about your driveway or anything we notice that you may need to know about. Personal service is one thing that is just important to us.

Will they offer you a warranty on their work? Answer: They should offer at least a one year warranty. This warranty will cover you should something happen and there is a problem with the sealer or the workmanship. This does happen in this business and you pay good hard earned money to protect your driveway so they should have enough confidence in the products they are using and their workmanship to offer a warranty. The warranty does not cover damage caused by the customer such as driving on the driveway before the recommended 48 hour waiting period or dragging something heavy over the drive causing it to cut into the sealer but anything to do with the product or workmanship should be covered.

What do they recommend? 1 or 2 coats? Answer: If your driveway has not been sealed within the last year or two then they should recommend two coats and then offer one coat each year after that. The reason for two coats is to get a good protection base on your driveway then over the year the use of the driveway and weather will erode away some of the initial application. Adding one coat each year after the initial 2 coat application just keeps the sealer strong and doing its job protecting your driveway. On the flip side, if you have heavy amounts of sealer on your driveway then the sealer could show surface cracking and make your driveway look rough.