Concrete, Brick and Block Sealing


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Our Concrete, Brick and Block sealer penetrates and protects all porous brick, concrete, paver blocks, stucco and masonry surfaces. Brick and Block sealer is a specially formulated acrylic latex product that will penetrate and seal numerous porous substrates. We can apply this sealer either horizontally or vertically on all porous surfaces such as brick and cinder block walls, chimneys, houses, driveways, walk ways, patios ect. Brick and Block sealer will strengthen, protect and retain the appearance of your project for years to come for only pennies a square foot.


We can protect your concrete, brick, block, stucco and even wood on and around your home or business. All these items are not cheap to replace but with Baldwin Sealcoating you can protect these areas and make them last a lot longer with a proven sealer that leaves no visible changes in the appearance of the product being sealed. You see some sealers people use on concrete that leave the concrete wet/glossy looking and then when it does get wet it is very slippery. Our product goes on white and dries clear under the surface creating a rubberized polymer sheet under the service leaving the surface looking like it should and OUR SEALER IS NOT SLIPPERY when it gets wet. The Brick and Block Sealer is also non-flammable and non-toxic.


  • CONCRETE – Driveways, Patios, walks, block walls, foundations, garages and garage floors.
  • BRICK AND BLOCK – Homes, driveways, patios, garages, basements